Upholding Law and Order

A community where there are no consequences for criminal acts is a community of disarray and disorder. I am committed to the stringent enforcement of laws and delivering justice, ensuring that those who break the law face appropriate penalties. I pledge to support our officers in their duty to maintain peace and justice, providing them with the necessary tools and backing to perform their roles with confidence and integrity. Our Sheriff’s office will be the standard-bearer for law enforcement in the State of Florida and the rest of the country.

Enhanced Public Safety

Visibility deters crime. As such, a core initiative will be to increase the number of uniformed officers on our streets, ensuring rapid and effective service to meet our community’s needs. The reduction of wait-time during police calls for service is a priority for Miami-Dade County residents. Ensuring that the department is adequately structured, staffed, and trained is a key component in providing our residents with the safest and most secure environment. Providing our officers with continuous professional development and the latest in crime-fighting resources is non-negotiable.

Strengthening Community Trust

Active engagement is the cornerstone of trust between law enforcement and the community. I am committed to building genuine connections with residents through open dialogue, education and transparent communication, ensuring law enforcement is a trusted community partner. We will maintain a department that operates with honor and earns the respect of the citizens we vow to protect.

Integrity in Governance

I will fortify the Public Corruption Unit dedicated to ensuring the integrity of our public institutions. We will actively work to keep politics out of policing, to preserve the sanctity of the badge and the trust that the community places in us. Our mission will be to rigorously investigate and root out corruption, making certain that those in public positions of trust are held to the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

Consumer Protection Initiative

As Sheriff, I will continue fighting for justice for those that have been defrauded by their Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and will seek to root out corruption & fraud in all HOAs across Miami-Dade. I will launch an HOA Fraud Investigation Section to defend homeowners from fraud and abuse, fostering a safe and fair housing environment for all residents. The section will focus on protecting our residents from fraudulent activities and financial misconduct within HOAs. By safeguarding against exploitation and ensuring accountability, we aim to foster a fair and transparent environment where residents can feel secure in their investments and trust in the governance of their communities.